Suspects CHARGED Over Alleged Drug Operation!

3 Charged in Alleged Drug Distribution Operation

3 Charged in Alleged Drug Distribution Operation

( – The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland released a report on November 21, detailing a drug bust that took place in October. The details show officers became suspicious of activity at a residence in Salisbury. The investigation eventually led to three people facing multiple charges and revealed the entanglement of a child in the crimes.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office’s Community Action Team (CAT) launched the probe into what was going on at the Pine Way residence. They discovered Alvin Thompson was apparently using it as a home base for selling drugs. The couple renting the home, Brian Elliott and Victoria Ross, allegedly knew about the criminal activity under their roof. Authorities also believe a 14-year-old girl was involved.

After collecting enough evidence and securing a warrant, the team entered the home, where they found packaged fentanyl and cocaine ready for distribution on the streets. They also reportedly stopped Ross, who was leaving the residence with the teenager, and discovered cocaine in her vehicle.

The officers didn’t arrest the trio because the court issued a criminal summons. As of November 21, police were still looking for Thompson, whom they wanted to detain on a probation violation charge. He, Ross, and Elliott each face 13 counts for various drug-related crimes and child endangerment. Social services also became involved in the case.

Opioid drugs, including fentanyl, are becoming more prevalent in Maryland. Information released by the Maryland Department of Health shows an increase in the number of deaths related to these substances for the past three years, reaching a high of 1,904 in 2021. Of those, 1,783 related to fentanyl. Anyone in the state needing help with a substance abuse problem can call or text 988 for support services.

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