SWAT Officers INJURED – Shots Fired!

SWAT Officers Sustain Injuries on the Job

SWAT Officers Sustain Injuries on the Job

(ConservativeHub.com) – Law enforcement officers face risks every day they go to work and must often deal with violence, but authorities in Philadelphia have expressed frustration. Philadelphia Police First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford and Commissioner Danielle Outlaw made strong statements in response to a shootout between SWAT members and a suspect resulting in injuries to team members and the suspect’s death.

The incident occurred during the morning hours of October 12. The SWAT team was serving a warrant on Raheem Lee, 19, wanted for murder and robbery. The teen began shooting at them from inside the premises when they knocked to serve notice. After the initial exchange of gunfire ended, Lee attempted to leave the residence through the back door, where he encountered more officers. More shooting ensued, and three SWAT members suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect received a fatal wound.

Commissioner Outlaw, out of state at a conference, released a statement on the incident. She insisted there must be changes in the city to keep violent suspects behind bars and off the streets. She said her officers shouldn’t have to deal with situations like the one the SWAT team encountered Wednesday, and she committed to doing whatever she could to keep Philadelphia safe for citizens despite dealing with a system that constantly releases criminals in what some have termed a revolving-door scenario.

Deputy Commissioner Stanford spoke at a press conference where he shared similar sentiments. He commented that officers shouldn’t have to risk their lives daily because the system should keep dangerous people in jail. Additionally, he reported that the hospital released two of the injured SWAT team members, but one remained under observation, where doctors expected him to recover completely.

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