Taiwan Threatens to Fire at Chinese Drones

Taiwan Threatens to Fire at Chinese Drones

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Biden administration faces a host of international crises. After less than three months in office, tensions have increased with China, Iran, and North Korea. Relations between China and Taiwan have also broken down, potentially threatening global stability.

China has steadily increased military activity in and around the island of Taiwan in recent months as part of an ongoing effort to force it to accept Beijing’s claim of ownership of the country. Taiwan reported the entry of 20 military aircraft into its air space in late March.

On April 7, the head of Taiwan’s Ocean Affairs Council reported that Chinese drones had been observed circling a series of islands Taiwan controls in the South China Sea.

According to him, the drones hadn’t entered restricted waters or airspace. However, as he told parliament, Taiwan’s Coast Guard would shoot them down under its engagement rules. “If we need to open fire, we [will] open fire,” he said.

The Biden administration agreed to coordinate with Taiwan’s maritime defense efforts last month using a new Coast Guard Working Group. Hopefully, we won’t end up regretting that decision.

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