Taliban Cracks Down Further on Freedoms for Women

Taliban Cracks Down Further on Freedoms for Women

(ConservativeHub.com) – When the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, it didn’t take long for the Taliban to take control of the country. When that happened, the group made many promises. Among them, leaders said they would uphold women’s rights despite a history of doing the opposite. But over the last year, reports show the group has not hesitated to strip women in the country of many of the freedoms they once had.

No More Schooling

Last week, officials denied women and girls any presence in educational institutions. They forbade girls from attending classes and stopped women from working in schools. Only one day prior, the Taliban education minister sent a letter to universities alerting them they could no longer teach women.

Before banning the right to education, leaders had already placed strict limitations on it. Young women have been unable to attend secondary schools since the group took power.

Other Restrictions

Teaching was one of the only professions the Taliban had allowed women to pursue under its rule, so the decision to keep women out of education further damaged their abilities to earn a living. Those in government jobs started getting the boot right after the takeover. Leaders disbanded the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, ensuring they were out of politics. The Taliban has used other rules to push women out of most professions.

The Taliban has placed travel restrictions on all women as well. They cannot go further than 48 miles from their homes unless they have a men to accompany them. Even if they’re staying close, the theocracy prefers a male chaperone always accompany women.

The government reportedly issued rulings in November that women cannot go to parks or bathhouses, and places still open to both sexes typically have segregation to keep genders apart. Recently, leaders banned the participation of women at religious seminaries and mosques. Reports also say that on December 24, women were barred from working for non-governmental groups.

Western critics have called the government’s strict dress codes dehumanizing. Women must cover their forms and faces in public by wearing a burqa or chadari.

Enforcing the Rules

The morality police have become a fixture, watching citizens to ensure they don’t step out of line. The Taliban used these law enforcers, who were known to beat and even kill people for not abiding by the rules when they previously controlled the country in the 1990s, and leaders didn’t hesitate to bring them back.

The restrictions and bans in place now mirror those from the first time the Taliban controlled the country. According to reports, the UN Security Council spoke up about the most recent actions against women, calling them out for eroding the “respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

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