Taliban Faces DISTURBING Accusations – Days After Bombing!

Taliban Accused of Beating Protesters

Taliban Accused of Using Physical Force Against Protesters

(ConservativeHub.com) – As the Taliban’s current reign over Afghanistan continues, more disturbing allegations about how the regime operates have come to light. After the US withdrew, the terrorist organization promised to protect women and not return to its oppressive ways. Yet, Hazara women accused Taliban security forces of brutality when they protested the day after a suicide bombing killed dozens of mostly female minority students. The demonstrators claimed they received beatings, and some Taliban members allegedly shot their guns at the gathering to make them stop their protest.

On Friday, September 30, a suicide bomber reportedly killed 53 people at a school in Kabul; according to the United Nations mission in Afghanistan, 46 were women and children from the Shiite Muslim Hazara community, a historically oppressed group. The following day, women took to the streets to demand better security from the government.

Despite the Taliban’s promise to protect them and minimize national threats, the police reportedly worked to shut down the demonstration. The Guardian quoted a protester who said the authorities used pepper spray while whipping the women. Another attendees said the Taliban shot their guns at the group too.

During the protest, spectators heard the women yelling, “Stop Hazara genocide,” as they walked by a hospital still treating victims from the attack. While no one has claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack, many believe it was the work of the Islamic State, known for hating the Hazara community.

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