Taliban Fails to Fulfill Promise for Girls’ Education

Taliban Fails to Fulfill Promise for Girls' Education

(ConservativeHub.com) – When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after President Joe Biden fumbled the US military’s exit from the country, the world watched as the historically harsh regime gripped the nation once again. Although the Taliban promised the rights and freedoms of women would be better this time around, a recent announcement tells otherwise.

On Wednesday, March 23, a Taliban official announced schools educating girls above the sixth grade would not open. According to reports, this decision likely stemmed from the Taliban’s choice to concede to rural groups who primarily hold the hardline conservative views which plagued the terrorist regime’s last reign in the country. These hardline groups do not believe older girls should receive an education, and allowing ones’ daughter to go to school could lead to social and economic consequences for a family.

The New York Post shared more about this devastating announcement:

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet emphasized this is a “profound frustration and disappointment” for women and “deeply damaging for Afghanistan.” While Waheedullah Hashmi, the Taliban’s external relations and donor representative, indicated that this decision isn’t necessarily permanent, the future of women’s education remains uncertain. As the Taliban administration within Kabul desires to trade and interact with the international community more and more, will they understand how essential women’s rights and education are to their progress? Or will they continue to deny their women and girls essential freedoms?

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