Taliban Flaunts Military Equipment the US Left Behind

Taliban Flaunts Military Equipment the US Left Behind

(ConservativeHub.com) – Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan after the swift chaotic departure of US troops from the region, it has been quick to assert its dominance and regime over the Afghan people. The latest display of power was a military parade to show off all the equipment the US military left behind.

In early November, the Taliban drove armored military vehicles around the city of Kandahar while blasting religious music from their speakers. Most people know Kandahar as the birthplace of the Taliban’s regime, so the location was fitting for them to announce their new “Islamic Emirate Army” while parading in the streets.

One man shared a video of the procession on Twitter:

US Humvees and helicopters made appearances in the parade, as well as an array of US-issued handheld weapons. Seeing this egregious display of potentially deadly force reminded Americans and lawmakers of just how much military equipment President Joe Biden left to the Taliban when he abruptly left Afghanistan. Hopefully, the new government doesn’t choose to use this equipment anytime soon, although that’s likely asking too much of the notorious regime.

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