Taliban Orders Female Anchors on TV To Cover Faces

Taliban Orders Women on TV To Cover Faces

Taliban Issues INSANE ORDER For Women On TV

(ConservativeHub.com) – After a new order from the Taliban, women on Afghan television must cover their faces. The BBC reported a religious police spokesman said the order went to media outlets on May 18. This new requirement is in addition to other restrictions the ruling party has imposed on women recently, including the closure of girls’ schools and a requirement for females to have a male escort when traveling long distances.

An anonymous television journalist from Kabul told the BBC she was shocked over the latest order. She feels this move is a way to pressure women to stop going on air. She explained it would be difficult to report the news wearing a covering on her face. The female anchor also noted that she has to work because she is the main earner in her family.

The Ministry of Vice and Virtue spokesman, Akif Mahajar, told Reuters outlets were happy to accommodate the “advice,” and Afghans wouldn’t have any problems with the new guidelines. Mahajar also explained the new requirement would go into effect on May 21. He refused to comment on potential consequences for those who do not comply.

Women had to wear the full-body-covering burqa from 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban last ruled the country, according to Reuters. Once the group lost power, women enjoyed great freedom from coverings, but the Taliban is pushing them towards the suppressive ways of the past now that they’re back in control.

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