Taliban Restricts Women’s Flying Rights

Taliban Restricts Women's Flying Rights

(ConservativeHub.com) – Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last summer, women in the nation have watched their rights slip away. Despite previous promises that girls would be allowed to return to schools, the group closed girls’ schools above grade six in March and limited the days of the week women could go to a park. Now, the Taliban won’t allow women to fly alone.

On Saturday, March 26, the Taliban’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice told airlines unaccompanied women could no longer travel on domestic or international flights. This mandate caused multiple issues in the following days as airlines denied women who were trying to travel alone to places like Dubai, Islamabad, and Turkey.

The Washington Examiner shared more about this news:

The Taliban is using its strict interpretation of the Koran to enforce many of its rules barring women and girls from public life. When speaking with the press about a ban on women and men having separate days to go to public parks, Mohammad Yahya Aref, a Taliban government official, declared it “is not the Islamic Emirate’s order but our God’s order.”

While there was initially some hope the Taliban would allow more freedoms for women than they did 20 years ago, the regime seems to be showing its true colors once again as it repeatedly assaults women’s rights.

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