Teacher Allegedly Distributes Notes Threatening Terrorism at School

Teacher Allegedly Distributes Notes Threatening Terrorism at School

(ConservativeHub.com) – While no one should ever take threats against schools lightly, attacks against schools in recent years have made parents, teachers, and school administrators extra cautious when there’s any report of potential violence or terrorism. However, an alarming case recently came to light in Michigan when a 59-year-old school teacher allegedly made the violent threat.

On Monday, December 20, 40th District Court Judge Joseph Oster arraigned middle school art teacher Johnna Rhone. Prosecutors accused her of slipping threatening notes under multiple doors at Jefferson Middle School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

The New York Post shared more about the story:

Now, Rhone is on house arrest with a $75,000 bond as she awaits a mental evaluation and the chance to defend herself. The local school district also placed her on administrative leave.

This situation has left many educators wondering what would possess a veteran school teacher to leave notes reading, “Start break early. He’s gonna do it. Just don’t be in the hall after lunch. Boom. Get it?” around the school. Hopefully, the investigation gets to the bottom of the situation to keep children safe and relieve the fear and anxiety around the situation.

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