Teacher Placed Under Investigation After Students Suffer Burns

Teacher Placed Under Investigation After Students Suffer Burns

Teacher Under FIRE After Disturbing Injuries Found On Students

(ConservativeHub.com) – Students skipping gym class isn’t anything new. When South Texas temperatures soared to a heat index of 102 degrees on May 9, four students decided they would rather hide behind the bleachers than run laps, but the teacher caught them. The punishment he meted out resulted in the children suffering severe burns.

Fox 26 Houston reported the PE teacher at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Channelview, Texas, made the students do bear crawl exercises on the track heated by the day’s extreme heat. The teacher called it punishment for trying to ditch class.

Wendy Alvarez, the mother of one of the punished students, told the outlet her son has second-degree burns on his hands. She had to take him to the emergency room for treatment and a specialist for further care. She called the teacher’s actions “torture” and said, “he should get fired.”

The Channelview ISD sent a statement to Fox 26 Houston about the incident. Administrators said they are aware of the allegations of “non-life threatening heat-related injuries” and are currently investigating the matter. The district put the teacher on administrative leave and stated it doesn’t approve of this type of punishment. The statement emphasized the school’s commitment to providing a safe environment for students.

Despite the school’s remarks, the incident may have caused a breakdown in trust between teachers and parents. Alvarez noted she feels the district’s apology isn’t enough, and she’s pushing for the teacher’s removal because she doesn’t feel “somebody like that should be working with kids.”

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