Ted Cruz Wants Hearings on Remains of Unborn Babies

Ted Cruz Wants Hearings on Abortion Case

(ConservativeHub.com) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is voicing his concerns about the recent discovery of five fetuses in the home of anti-abortion advocate Lauren Handy. His stance is that the Washington, DC, police are in the wrong. Cruz sent a letter to the agency ordering them to preserve the remains as evidence for future Congressional hearings.

The Backstory

On March 31, DC Police found five fetuses in the home of Handy, who is a member of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU). PAAU held a press conference on April 5, claiming the fetuses provided evidence of illegal abortion practices at a DC clinic.

Since then, the PAAU has been running a campaign on Twitter calling for officials to conduct autopsies on the remains, using the hashtags #JusticeForTheFive and #DCPDAutopsyNOW.

In a press conference on March 31, the DC police said the fetuses show no signs of illegal abortion. They would continue to investigate, but their focus would be on the unlawful activities of Handy and not on how the fetuses died.

The Senator Makes a Demand

On April 9, Senator Cruz sent a letter to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III ordering them to preserve the five fetuses in their custody. He explained they have a legal obligation to hold onto the remains so Congress may conduct hearings about the matter in the future.

Cruz claimed the fetuses might be evidence of partial-birth abortions, which the Supreme Court ruled illegal under federal law. He explained federal law also protects babies born alive during an abortion, requiring doctors to take measures to save their lives.

The senator called DC officials’ refusal to investigate this potential crime a “clear injustice.” He also stated he became aware the police intended to incinerate the remains without further investigation or proper burial and asked for a thorough autopsy of each fetus as “would be conducted in a murder investigation.”

Cruz explained he would schedule hearings to investigate this matter if the midterm elections grant Republicans control of the Senate. He wants to look into potential violations of federal law and plans to hold hearings on the abortion industry should Republicans take Senate control.

Should Cruz plan for potential hearings on what happened to these fetuses? Is this something he and the Senate should put his energy into and investigate if the GOP wins in November? Or is it better to let local officials in DC continue to handle the situation?

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