Teen Back in Custody After Shocking ESCAPE – She’s in Trouble

Pieper Lewis Runs Away While on Probation

Pieper Lewis Reportedly Caught After Escaping Facility

(ConservativeHub.com) – Pieper Lewis first made news when she faced charges for killing the man she said sexually abused her. She’s back in the headlines for escaping from custody. The teen was serving probation in the Fresh Start Women’s Facility in Des Moines, Iowa, when she fled on November 4. As of November 8, she was back in custody at an Iowa jail.

Lewis entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter and willful injury in September. The judge sentenced her to five years probation, ordering her to serve the sentence in the Des Moines facility with continuous GPS monitoring as a deferred judgment.

A violation report detailed her escape from custody. A staff member saw Lewis leaving the facility after an alarm alerted them to an open door. She had removed her GPS monitor. The probation officer noted that leaving the facility without permission for at least two hours met the definition of escape.

Lewis also had violations resulting from issues with traveling back to the center after work on multiple occasions. Records showed inconsistencies and unexplained delays in getting on the bus after leaving her place of employment. Due to the violations, her probation officer requested a warrant for her arrest and revocation of the deferred judgment.

According to AP, corrections spokesman Nick Crawford thanked officials for their help to “safely bring Ms. Lewis back into custody.” Lewis currently has a hearing scheduled for November 18.

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