Teen DEAD – Horrifying Incident Reported

Man Allegedly Ran Over Teen After Political Dispute

Man Allegedly Hit Teen With Car After Political Disagreement

(ConservativeHub.com) – A teen attended an end-of-summer street dance in McHenry, North Dakota, on Sunday, September 18. However, the day turned into a tragedy when  drunk man allegedly confessed to using his car to hit the 18-year-old boy he said belonged to a right-wing extremist group. Now, the alleged killer is out on bond, and the teen is dead.

Just before 3 a.m. on Sunday, Shannon Joseph Brandt called the police to report that he hit a pedestrian with whom he’d gotten into a verbal disagreement over politics. During the altercation, the boy, now identified as Cayler Ellingson, called his mother to tell her someone was chasing him. When police and first responders arrived, they found him lying in the road and took him to Carrington Hospital. He died before his mother arrived.

Police tested Brandt’s blood alcohol level using breath analysis, yielding a result above the legal limit. According to Law & Crime, he told police he believed the young man was a radical who was threatening him and had called people to attack him. On Monday, authorities officially charged Brandt with criminal vehicular homicide and set his bond at $50,000. On Thursday, September 22, the suspect posted bail. He will reappear in court on November 11 for his preliminary hearing and arraignment.

As of Friday, the community raised over $47,000 for Ellingson’s family through a GoFundMe page. North Dakota State Patrol continues to investigate.

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