Teen Faces Prison Sentence After Brutal Murders

Teen Faces Prison Sentence After Brutal Murders

(ConservativeHub.com) – Motivation for murder typically ranges from lust and greed to power and control. One UK teenager is now facing prison time after brutally stabbing two sisters in June 2020. However, new insight into the investigation shows the horrifying and tragic reasoning behind his attack on these two women.

On Thursday, October 28, a British court sentenced Danyal Hussein, 19, to serve two consecutive 35-year jail sentences for killing Nicole Smallman (27) and Bibaa Henry (46) at a London park in 2020. He stabbed the sisters to death, then hid their bodies behind some bushes.

According to investigators, Hussein planned to murder six women every six months based on a pact he supposedly made with a demon. In return, he reportedly thought the demon would help him win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery. Police found the hand-written pact at Hussein’s home, where he signed it in blood and left a spot for the alleged demon to do the same.

Reuters shared a photo of Hussein on Twitter:

This tragic story highlights some of the worst of humanity. Still, Hussein will be in jail for many years, which may bring some amount of justice to the horrific situation.

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