Teen Girl Reportedly Assaulted While Riding in Ambulance

Teen Girl Reportedly Assaulted While Riding in Ambulance

(ConservativeHub.com) – An unidentified 16-year-old girl from Murrieta, California, alleges an emergency worker sexually assaulted her while they were in the back of an ambulance. On March 25, the student’s school called for an ambulance after she suffered a medical emergency. Once they was alone in the vehicle, the girl said, the technician attacked her.

She explained the medical technician asked her about her age and sexual activity, and then he forced himself on her. She said he was kissing and touching her body while telling her he “had a new girl every week.” She described it as a terrifying situation, while the family’s attorney said that the emergency worker took advantage of her because she was young and vulnerable.

In a statement on March 25, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department announced 22-year-old Jason Anderson was under arrest for sexual assault in the case. Investigators released his photo in hopes other victims would come forward.

Authorities said he was in the Cois M. Byrd Detention Center on a $75,000 bail. The New York Post reported Anderson bonded out the day after his arrest and will be in court in June to face charges in the case.

The man was working as an American Medical Response (AMR) employee at the time of the incident. The company said he is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

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