Teenager Accused of Stealing School Bus

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) took a 14-year-old boy from Tennessee into custody last week, accusing him of stealing a school bus. According to reports, the boy stole the bus and then almost ran someone over as he was driving away in order to avoid being arrested.

Nashville authorities posted a Tweet on Saturday, May 6 about the incident. According to the social media post, the vehicle came to a stop on the highway, where the young driver tried to turn around, but police officers broke the glass door and entered the bus to apprehend him.

The young suspect has now been moved to juvenile court and is up a against a number of charges involving his theft of the vehicle, running from police, driving with no license, leaving the scene of an accident, and more.

According to police, the boy took the vehicle from Kipp College Prep. The boy proceeded to move west within Nashville, and reportedly tried to hit someone while in possession of the vehicle. Local network WHIO-TV, also reported that the teenager had crashed into another car on the I-40.

The police pursued the bus, which was going as fast as 65 miles per hour, and used spike strips to stop the bus from moving further. That’s when the teen stopped and officers were finally able to catch him. Police also reportedly used a taser on the boy before arresting him.

Due to his minor status, the teen suspect has not been publicly identified by authorities.

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