Teens Charged in Murder of High School Teacher

Teens Charged in Murder of High School Teacher

(ConservativeHub.com) – Criminal investigators discovered the remains of Nohema Graber, a 66-year-old high school Spanish teacher, in a 10-acre civic park in Fairfield, Iowa, on Wednesday, November 3. Earlier that day, family members had reported her as missing. In a stunning move, law enforcement officials arrested two 16-year-old suspects later the same day.

Based on the nature of the crime and the suspects’ ages, prosecutors charged both students as adults with first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder charges.

A statement posted online by city officials said preliminary findings made by special agents from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations (IDCI) indicated the teacher suffered severe head trauma, which led to her death.

Charging documents detailed an interview with someone who knew the two suspects. That individual shared social media exchanges involving one of the students, Jeremy Everett Goodale, containing details regarding Graber’s “disappearance and subsequent death.” The complaint also stated the online exchanges implicated the other teenager, Willard Noble Chaiden Miller, in the incident.

Investigators executed a search warrant at the suspects’ residences, where they reportedly discovered and collected bloody clothing. So far, investigators haven’t issued any statement regarding the teenagers’ possible motive for killing Graber.

The Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office is assisting the IDCI with its ongoing investigation into the murder.

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