Tensions Between Amazon and Parler Surge Amid Lawsuit

Tensions Between Amazon and Parler Surge Amid Lawsuit

(ConservativeHub.com) – The past few months brought the rise of big tech companies’ seemingly unchecked power and the fall of free speech. In an unprecedented move, both Twitter and Facebook suspended then-President Donald Trump’s accounts and those of other leading conservatives. Then, in another stunning display, Google, Apple, and Amazon Web Services ganged up on conservative Twitter alternative Parler and essentially wiped it out of existence.

Google and Apple removed Parler’s app from their online stores, and Amazon followed suit by canceling its hosting services, effectively tossing Parler from the internet for weeks. In the wake of that chaos, Parler changed hands and began its efforts to rebuild under new ownership. A part of that process was filing a lawsuit against Amazon for its decision to boot Parler from its hosting platform.

Tensions Rise Between Amazon and Parler

On April 13, the Seattle Times reported that lawyers working for Amazon accused Parler of concealing its owners in new court documents filed earlier this week. Parler’s attorney, Angelo Calfo, disputed that claim, saying it was up to Amazon to prove who owns the platform. “This is [an] effort to try to throw mud at Parler,” he explained.

Parler filed its complaint in King County, Washington, Superior Court after a federal judge in Seattle refused to force Amazon to reinstate its hosting services. That filing prompted another smear by Amazon. Its attorney claimed Parler was shopping around for a sympathetic judge by switching venues in a recent court filing.

Amazon’s attorney managed to get the case transferred back to the federal court and the same judge, sparking further conflict with Parler’s attorney.

Parler prides itself on providing a safe place for conservatives to exchange ideas without fear of being censored for no reason. The platform promotes itself as “the world’s premier free speech platform” and vows to protect its community members’ “rights and privacy.” It appears that big tech has a problem with that. One has to wonder why it seems determined to keep Parler off the web.

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