Terrifying BOMB Threat Reported on Flight – Fighter Jets Dispatched!

Fighter Jets Rush in After Bomb Threat on Airline

Fighter Jets Rush in After Bomb Threat on Airline

(ConservativeHub.com) РWhen Singapore Airlines flight SQ33 took off from San Francisco International Airport on September 26, it seemed like a routine departure on a typical day… or so most passengers and crew likely believed. Yet, when a passenger reported he had a bomb in his luggage, all pretenses of normality ended. He also allegedly attacked flight hosts, who managed to restrain him.

Flight path data shows the Airbus A359 made multiple loops over the Atlantic and was slightly off its usual course instead of taking the typical direct route from San Francisco to Singapore. An alert went out, warning authorities in the Asian city-state about the disruption. The island nation quickly dispatched fighter jets from its Air Force to escort the aircraft to Changi Airport, its destination. Once the plane landed, authorities searched it, discovering the claims of an explosive onboard were false. Police took the 37-year-old male suspect into custody.

The airline told Business Insider passengers and crew deplaned normally after police arrested the attacker. A statement also revealed the company is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Authorities didn’t release details about the number of passengers onboard or whether any crew members sustained injuries during the incident. Pending the full investigation, police haven’t indicated what charges the man might face. However, a report from Yahoo News did suggest the suspect was believed to have been using controlled drugs.

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