Texas Republicans Want Vote on Secession from US

Texas Republicans Want Vote on Possible Secession from US

Republicans Call for Secession VOTE – But Is it Even Possible?

(ConservativeHub.com) – The platform of the Texas GOP, released during its June 18 weekend convention, called for a vote on secession. The group maintained the state has the right to leave the United States and called for the state legislature to allow citizens to vote on the measure during the 2023 general election. The decision results from the party feeling the federal government has overstepped its authority and prevented the state from self-governing.

According to the Texas Nationalist Movement, 427,625 Texans support the push for secession. The US Census reported the state’s population was 29,527,941 as of July 1, 2021. In the 1869 US Supreme Court case, Texas v White, the Justices said that no state has the right to secede from the Union. It upheld that even if a majority of citizens voted to secede, it could not legally happen.

Between the support numbers and the Supreme Court ruling, it would be difficult for the state to follow through on the GOP’s mission.

An op-ed in The Washington Post by liberal columnist Dana Milbank encouraged Texas to break off from the rest of the country. He said it would be incredibly beneficial because the state would take two Republican senators and two dozen GOP representatives with it if it left. Milbank declared the Texas GOP has “little regard for the Constitution,” and the group’s idea of government leans heavily on Christian ideals that push for one party to run the state.

What do you think? Should Texas be allowed to secede?

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