The Epoch Times Reporter Brutally Attacked in Hong Kong

The Epoch Times Reporter Brutally Attacked in Hong Kong

( – China and Hong Kong have wrestled over control of the city since the British turned over control to communist China in 1997. China has resorted to extreme measures to increase its authority over the region in the wake of recent anti-government protests. Last summer, it passed a broad security law that reduced the city’s self-rule and increased the ability of Chinese authorities to punish people. However, it’s alleged that Chinese officials resort to unlawful tactics to maintain their idea of law and order.

According to reports, one instance of this could include a May 11 assault on a female reporter working for the Hong Kong office of The Epoch Times. An unknown assailant confronted Sarah Liang outside her apartment at midday.

The attacker smashed both of her legs with an aluminum baseball bat nearly a dozen times before fleeing the scene in an automobile. Liang was shaken up and suffered contusions to both legs.

The Epoch Times reported that it believed the incident was “orchestrated” by Chinese officials as part of an attempt to silence the publication. Other reporters and its headquarters building have suffered a string of attacks since China started clamping down on civil rights in the city.

The perpetrator and official motive behind the attack are still unknown. However, the publication is known for its coverage of political infighting, corruption, and human rights abuses, which could make it a target for the communist regime.

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