Thousands of Microsoft Customers at Risk of Data Theft, Company Warns

Thousands of Microsoft Customers at Risk of Data Theft, Company Warns

( – Data breaches have become ordinary events lately, with hackers and cybercriminals working overtime to commit identity theft and blackmail. Big Tech company Microsoft all but threw its hands up in the air last week, admitting its vulnerability to attack.

On Thursday, August 26, Microsoft officials sent out an email to its cloud computing users warning them that hackers may have the ability to access, alter, or delete the company’s primary databases.

According to the email notice, the security vulnerability lies on one of the main databases for Microsoft Azure customers. The Azure platform offers products and cloud services designed to allow developers to build, test, run, and manage apps and services across multiple clouds using Microsoft-managed databases.

Microsoft promotes the service’s “ground up,” expert-backed security and proactive compliance systems, which governments and enterprises trust. Yet, researchers from the cybersecurity start-up company Wiz discovered they could access the keys used to control databases operated by thousands of Microsoft Azure customers. A Microsoft representative emailed users and advised them to generate new keys.

This incident is just the most recent of many cybersecurity events — leading one to ask: At this point, how can anyone know their information is safe?

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