Toddler Loses Both Parents in Deadly Shooting

Toddler Loses Both Parents in Deadly Shooting

Parents DEAD – Mass Shooting Has Heartbreaking Impact On Toddler’s Family

( – A horrific tragedy rocked the ordinarily safe and quiet Chicago suburb of Highland Park on July 4. As people celebrated America’s independence with a parade, a gunman shot into the crowd from a rooftop at random. Kevin and Irina McCarthy were among those he killed, leaving behind their two-year-old son Aiden. Aiden avoided physical injury and remained with community members until family members could come to care for him.

The now-orphaned boy’s father shielded him from the chaos, and caring strangers found him as he wandered around, covered in blood. He asked them when his parents would come to get him, not understanding just how his life had changed.

Aiden’s grandparents, Misha and Nina Levberg, will care for the boy now. Irina was the couple’s only child, and now, they’re struggling to explain to the little boy that his parents aren’t coming back. Misha Levberg said the McCarthys planned to have at least one more child and loved Aiden with all their hearts.

A community member quickly set up a GoFundMe account to help the seniors care for the young child. As of July 8, they had already received almost $3.1 million in donations.

In addition to Aiden’s parents, the shooter killed five other people and injured 47. Officers took Robert Crimo into custody, and a court charged him with seven counts of murder. Prosecutors expect to levy more charges soon.

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