Toddler Reportedly Dies After Contracting Terrible Infection

Toddler Reportedly Dies After Contracting Terrible Infection

( – An Arkansas toddler reportedly passed away from a brain-eating amoeba that he contracted after playing in a splash pad at a county club in Arkansas.

Michael Alexander Pollock III died on Sept. 4 from the amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, which causes an infection. The Arkansas Department of Health has confirmed the cause of death and has noted that the toddler most likely got infected while playing in a splash pad at a Little Rock country club. His parents Michael Jr. and Julia Pollock were out of state at the time.

A press release revealed that after the Health Department got water samples from the splash pad, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that there were traces of the amoeba in the sample. As a result of this discovery, the Little Rock Country Club had to close down its splash pad and pool in order to address the risk. The infection from this amoeba tends to be fatal and so far only around three people have been infected.

According to Fox News, the obituary referred to the child as his parents’ “pride and joy” and said that he had touched the hearts of many with his playfulness.

The outlet reported that according to the CDC, Naegleria fowleri tends to grow in waters that have a temperature of up to 115°F. As a result, July to September tends to be the most dangerous period for the amoeba. Several experts have expressed concerns about climate change making infections from the amoeba more frequent as the environment is turning more favorable for Naegleria fowleri.

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