Tom Cotton Reveals He Would “Entertain” Offer If Trump Asked Him To “Serve”

Tom Cotton Reveals He Would "Entertain" Offer If Trump Asked Him To "Serve"

( – On Sunday June 16, during an interview, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) suggested that he would “entertain” an offer to join former President Donald Trump’s potential future administration if he was asked. However, he added that he is currently satisfied with the position he has in the Senate. 

During a CNN “State of the Union” interview, Cotton said hypothetically that if Trump “asked you” to serve in the administration in any capacity, that is something “you” would need to “consider.” This statement came after he was specifically asked whether he wanted to become the vice president. 

Cotton said he realizes that there is likely only one person who truly knows who is on Trump’s “shortlist” and that he expects Trump will make a decision on his running mate when he is ready to do so. He added that he trusts Trump’s decision to be a good one for both the ticket and the US as a nation.

When host Tapper asked Cotton whether he would reply positively if asked to join Trump’s ticket, Cotton stated that if Trump came to him with a request to serve “in any capacity,” it would be something that he would “entertain.” However, he also said he is currently very “happy” being an Arkansas representative and that he is glad to be working to reelect Trump this year. In addition, he expressed a desire to win Congress majority in an effort to repair the “damage” caused in the last four years by the Democrats and President Joe Biden. 

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