Tributes POUR in After Passing of Beloved Star

Robbie Coltrane Remembered by Co-Stars After Death

Robbie Coltrane Remembered by Co-Stars After Death

( – Many Americans grew up watching the “Harry Potter” series, and some felt a kinship with the wizard boy as they grew up. One of his mentors at Hogwarts was Hagrid, a giant man known for his big heart and love for various creatures. Now, the actor who played this beloved character has passed. Many of his co-stars shared their love for Robbie Coltrane after his death.

On Friday, October 14, Coltrane’s Agent, Belinda Wright, announced the famous actor passed away at a hospital near his home in Scotland. Calling him both “brilliantly witty” and “forensically intelligent,” she was just one of many who applauded the incredible actor for his life’s work.

Emma Watson, who famously played Hermoine Granger in the film series, likened Coltrane in an Instagram post to “the most fun uncle I’ve ever had,” emphasizing how he helped make the Harry Potter cast “a family.” Daniel Radcliffe, who championed the role of Harry Potter, shared a statement that Coltrane was “one of the funniest people” he’d ever met.

Other former co-workers also paid tribute to Coltrane — for instance, actors Martin Bayfield, Jason Isaacs, Illeana Douglas, and Hugh Laurie all took to Twitter to pay their respects.

While most know Coltrane for his iconic role in “Harry Potter,” he also acted in the James Bond movies “Golden Eye” and “The World is Not Enough.” He’s also a three-time Best Actor BAFTA winner for his performance as Dr. Eddie Fitzgerald on the TV show “Cracker.”

Although Coltrane struggled with medical issues for some time, his death deeply saddened family and fans.

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