Truckers Take Legal Action To Block Congestion Fee in New York

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, May 30, New York’s Trucking Association launched legal action against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) regarding New York City’s incoming congestion fee. They’re arguing that it charges trucks and logistics vehicles unfairly, forcing them to pay more than passenger vehicles. 

A proposal from earlier this year states that trucks would have to pay a $24 or $36 congestion charge, while drivers of private passenger vehicles would only be required to pay $15, and motorcyclists and late-night arrivals would be subject to smaller rates.

The association revealed that although the people in the group are not “fundamentally opposed” to New York City’s congestion pricing, it would be pushing back against the current pricing model and wants to “improve the plan” for the sake of the logistics industry.

The association also suggested that the MTA revise its plans to either exempt trucks from paying the fee, ensure they will only pay once per day, or charge the same amount that passenger vehicles will pay.

There are currently a minimum of eight lawsuits that are seeking to block New York City’s congestion fee plan from going into effect on June 30. 

Back in May, a Manhattan federal court judge heard arguments in cases filed by unionized public school teachers, concerned New Yorkers, and politicians.

A number of the cases that have been filed suggest the tolling structure was greenlit by federal transportation officials who hadn’t thoroughly scrutinized its veracity. These lawsuits also request the court order transit officials to carry out a more thorough environmental study before moving forward.

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