Trump-backed Candidate Wins Primary in West Virginia

Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Primary in West Virginia

Trump-Backed Candidate PULLS IT OFF – Huge Victory Rocks Media

( – In the primary election for West Virginia’s Second Congressional District, Representative Alex Mooney (R) came out victorious, according to the AP. He was up against Representative David McKinley in the GOP race. Mooney has former President Donald Trump’s backing, so could that have given him the edge in this close race?

Because of reapportionment due to the 2020 Census results, West Virginia lost a House seat, pitting Mooney and McKinley against each other in the newly drawn Second District. The new race forced the men into a heated battle to keep their seats.

Fox News reported Mooney used Trump’s influence to his advantage during the campaign. He also labeled his opponent a RINO due to his support of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill and the January 6 committee’s investigation.

Mooney has been in office since 2015 and serves on the House Freedom Caucus. Previously, he was a state senator in Maryland. McKinley, a civil engineer, has served since 2011.

Mooney told Fox News he felt having an endorsement from the former president made a huge impact on his success. The loss for McKinley makes him the first sitting member of Congress to lose a seat this session.

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