Trump Breaks From Pompeo in Discussing Cyberattacks

Trump Breaks From Pompeo in Discussing Cyberattacks

( – Rumors continue erupting in the mainstream media regarding recent cyberattacks launched against government-run servers. As one might expect, many contradictory claims are winding their way through news outlets and social media.

Seeking to assure the nation that government officials have things under control, President Donald Trump posted a two-part tweet about the situation on December 19.

The president noted the scope of the attack had been greatly exaggerated by the “Fake News Media.” Continuing, he stated that people shouldn’t be so quick to assume Russia is behind every electronic breach, adding that China may have been behind the hack.

He also noted that it’s possible that China also hacked voting machines during the 2020 presidential election, creating a potentially embarrassing situation for the United States.

Superficially, those remarks appeared to contradict an earlier statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. However, the substance of the president’s message and his were alike. The president wanted Americans to know the government has things under control and remains dedicated to tracking down those behind the attack.

President Trump’s approach was calm, collected, and informative, unlike recent media reports.

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