Trump Calls Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit “The Big One”

Trump Calls Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit

( – Controversy continues to rage around the highly contested presidential election more than a month after voters went to the polls. Several lawsuits alleging voting irregularities and fraud are winding their way through the courts. However, President Donald Trump has singled out one filed in the US Supreme Court by Texas, calling it “the big one.” Trump has promised his legal team will be joining this suit.

Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a request to submit a bill of complaint with the US Supreme Court on Monday, December 7. Filed on behalf of the State of Texas, the request names the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a defendant in the lawsuit along with Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

AG Paxton’s complaint seeks to block certification of electors in those states until their legislatures have time to review and ratify the election results.

At least three additional states indicated they would be joining the complaint, including Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri. If Texas prevails in this lawsuit, it’s possible legislatures in the defendant states might overturn a total of 62 Electoral College votes, awarding a second term to President Donald Trump.

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