Trump Drops Trailer for New Documentary “2000 Mules”

Trump Drops Trailer for New Documentary

Donald Trump DROPS “2000 Mules” Report – Election Explained?

( – Former President Donald Trump showed the trailer for an upcoming documentary called 2000 Mules during a rally in Ohio on April 23, Breitbart reported. The movie covers alleged ballot harvesting in swing states. Produced by Dinesh D’Souza, the film culminated from an investigation by True The Vote, an election integrity organization.

The trailer begins with a group of Salem Radio Network hosts discussing the 2020 election and arguing about what happened. They agree they need more evidence before making a decision.

It then shows Cathrine Engelbrecht of True The Vote, who talks about the group’s work to uncover the truth about the 2020 presidential election. The trailer shows data and explains the organization has more information on the election than anyone else.

Then, the film shows the organization’s claim that it uncovered 242 people who would go to drop boxes and illegally submit ballots throughout Atlanta. True The Vote also claims evidence of illicit election activities in Pennsylvania. The group states it has video and GPS tracking to back up these claims. The trailer ends with a statement alleging the illegal actions could have changed the election’s outcome.

Breitbart was the first media outlet to report on True The Vote’s investigation into potential election tampering in August 2021. The former president has repeatedly spoken about the documentary, and, according to Breitbart, he will host a premiere party on May 4 at Mar-a-Lago. The film will debut in some theaters on May 2 and online on May 7.

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