Trump Impeachment Attorneys Make Huge Statement at Trial

Trump Impeachment Attorneys Make Huge Statement at Trial

( – The nation’s economy lays in ruins amid the worst national health crisis in a hundred years. Congress and the Biden administration remain deadlocked over drafting a much-needed new COVID-19 relief bill.

Democrats are working hard day in and day out with Republicans to solve the country’s problems, right? Guess again.

They spent almost the entirety of last week trying to convince 17 Republican senators to help them get the required votes to impeach Donald Trump successfully. They did this despite the fact 44 Republican Senators voted to dismiss the farcical trial on constitutional grounds on the first day of hearings on Tuesday, February 9. In the end, they failed, with the majority of Republicans standing beside Trump and supporting his acquittal on the trial’s final day.

Trump’s impeachment attorneys made headlines with a bold statement on the Senate floor during the trial.

Democrats’ Day of Reckoning

Trump’s lead attorney, Bruce Castor, kicked things off, telling the filled Senate chamber it was time to understand why they were “really here.” Continuing, he explained the trial came about because a “majority” of House Democrats didn’t want to have to face Trump again as a future “political rival.”

He accused Democrats of trampling all over Trump’s due process rights to use the Constitution to derail his future involvement in American politics. He went on to ask why Democrats were “afraid” of voters.

Fellow defense attorney David Schoen continued his line of reasoning, telling Senators that a partisan gang of politicians was doing its best to “eliminate” Trump from politics, disenfranchising more than 74 million voters along the way.

Expensive Exercise in Futility

However, it was clear from the beginning that getting 17 Republicans to change their minds and side with Democrats to vote to convict Trump would be a nearly impossible task. Several Republican Senators, like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), said as much later that day.

Perhaps Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put it best when he called the impeachment trial “political theater” during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity later that night.

It’s a pity Democrats would rather rage at Trump than do their jobs and focus on beating the COVID-19 pandemic and getting Americans back to work.

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