Trump Publicly Blasts Biden Over Military Failures

Trump Publicly Blasts Biden Over Military Failures

( – Since 1973, The Heritage Foundation has held fast and fought for the American values of small government and personal freedoms. With this mission, it chose to ask former President Donald Trump to be its keynote speaker at its annual leadership conference. Using his platform, the 45th president slammed President Joe Biden for his failed departure from Afghanistan and explained how he would have done things differently.

On Thursday, April 21, Trump spoke to Heritage Foundation leaders at a conference on Amelia Island, Florida. He highlighted how nations like China, Iran, and Russia don’t fear or respect the United States anymore. He boldly criticized Biden, saying, “They would never have done that under the Trump administration.”

The foundation’s Vice President of Communications and Daily Signal Executive Editor, Rob Bluey, shared the full quote on Twitter:

Trump described how Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan “humiliated” our nation, going so far as to say America “surrendered.” Expanding along these lines, the conservative leader explained how he would have kept troops at Bagram Air Force base to monitor Chinese nuclear activity nearby.

How might the US withdrawal from the Middle East have looked if Trump were still president? Would Russia still have been emboldened to invade Ukraine? Citizens may never know, although it’s valuable food for thought as the nation gets ready for midterms this November.

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