Trump Reportedly Enlists Former Solicitor General to Represent Him

Trump Reportedly Chooses Representation in Probe

Trump HIRING Reveal – Look Who!

( – Over the years, former President Donald Trump has hired various legal representation as he faced various allegations both in and out of office. Now, he’s added a new member to his legal team as he walks through the criminal case that resulted in the FBI searching his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate. Chris Kise will serve the former president with his experience as Florida’s former solicitor general and repeatedly winning cases in front of the US Supreme Court.

All About Chris Kise

Kise just signed a contract with Trump to help him work through the FBI’s investigation and the August 8 raid on his home. Kise, who served on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) transition team, will leave his firm, Foley & Lardner, to work independently for the former president. This announcement comes as many other attorneys who have worked with the former POTUS said they could not represent him again because it’s an all-consuming task that often comes with unwanted mainstream media attention.

Kise has previously made headlines for successfully arguing four different cases before the Supreme Court and even more at the Florida Supreme Court. In 2018, he also revealed that Democrat Florida Candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum took free tickets for a Broadway performance of “Hamilton” from FBI agents, eventually leading to charges against him as it violates the state’s ethics laws. Many experts regard him as an intense, brilliant, and cunning lawyer, exactly what Trump needs now.

Kise Gets to Work

On Thursday, September 1, Kise reported to a West Palm Beach federal court to speak with a judge about the case and the possibility of enlisting a special master. Such a designation would have a third party sift through all the items the FBI removed from Trump’s residence to ensure they didn’t take private or privileged property. If a judge grants such an action, it could take longer to conduct the case.

The grounds for this case allegedly began when the National Archives asked the former US leader to return certain classified documents. The president has argued he complied with everything the National Archives requested and was legally in the clear holding onto the documents he had. With this, Trump said he believes the unprecedented search was also unnecessary.

Trump Finally Must Pay for His Representation

According to POLITICO, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has helped Trump foot the bill for his lawyers in many recent legal battles. The organization paid for the legal work associated with the New York Attorney General’s investigation into his businesses. Yet, Trump is paying for Kise out of his own pocket, which shouldn’t be difficult for the reality star turned politician.

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