Trump Speaks Out About Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 Policies

Trump Speaks Out About Andrew Cuomo's COVID-19 Policies

( – Controversy is nothing new to New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. He has faced harsh criticism for his task force’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, earning him a rebuke from Trump Supreme Court appointee Neil Gorsuch over his restrictions on places of worship last year.

Donald Trump recently spoke out about Cuomo’s coronavirus policies and the nursing home scandal during an interview with Newsmax TV aired on Wednesday, February 17. The former president said he found the issue “surprising,” considering everything his administration did to assist New York.

He pointed out that he provided a military hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, to New York to help combat the deadly virus, but that Cuomo didn’t use it. He also added that the Trump administration spend a massive amount of money to fight COVID-19, even though Cuomo never took advantage of it. He could have “saved a lot of lives,” Trump noted, but he dropped the ball, and “it’s too bad.”

Trump expressed surprise that Democrats are pushing back so hard on Cuomo. He added to his remarks, challenging Republicans by calling them “soft” and saying they should focus more energy on criticizing Democrats like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.

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