Trump Supporters Didn’t Start the Violence [VIDEO]

Trump Supporters Didn't Start the Violence [VIDEO]

( – If you want objective news reporting, you’ll probably have to avoid the mainstream media, particularly when it comes to fair reporting of events surrounding President Donald Trump or his supporters. A perfect case in point is the short-lived rash of violence experienced at the nation’s Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6. A group of protesters managed to break through several barricades and briefly occupy the building.

Mainstream media immediately tried to blame the incident on Trump supporters. However, two videos posted on Twitter indicate the exact opposite occurred.

In both clips, a man dressed in dark clothing with a Trump sticker awkwardly attached to the back of his cap tried to smash out a Capitol Building window with a baton. Trump supporters yelled at him to stop and hollered “Antifa” repeatedly.

In the second video, recorded from a closer distance, a man wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat wrestled the man away from the window, preventing him from further damaging the building. Who knows what may have happened had Trump supporters not been on the scene to save the day.

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