Trump Weighs in on Possibility of Alien Life

Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump appeared on the podcast “Impaulsive” with host and YouTuber Logan Paul, where he discussed the possibility of other lifeforms in the universe. He didn’t discount the possibility, but didn’t categorize himself as a believer either.

During the appearance, Trump spent a few minutes talking about the possibility of life outside Earth and if unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) could extraterrestrial. Trump indicated that he could not say that he is a “believer” in this but that he has met some people who are very serious about these beliefs. He added that those people often claimed that there were “strange” things flying about. 

UAP has been a highly debated issue in Congress, with a group of bipartisan House members questioning whether or not the military was concealing evidence of extraterrestrial activity or technology. Paul referred to these concerns pointing out that there are questions about government transparency. However, Trump downplayed these concerns in response.

Trump said that he had spent quite a lot of time looking into these phenomena during his time in the Oval Office and that there was no information that he believed government agencies were keeping from the people. Still, he added that some very “good” and “solid” people believe there may be “something out there.” 

According to Trump, while it’s never been his “thing,” he does think it’s “believable” that something more could be out there. He pointed out the small size of the Earth compared to the rest of the universe.

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