Trump’s Daughter Supports Efforts to Help Florida Building Collapse Victims

Trump's Daughter Supports Efforts to Help Florida Building Collapse Victims

( – The world looked on in horror as news of the partial collapse of a 12-story oceanfront condominium in Surfside, Florida, started trickling in during the early morning hours of Thursday, June 24. Rescue workers are still struggling with a host of issues while looking for survivors and recovering the bodies of those who perished.

The community is now mourning as the death count increases. Sadly, it’s going to take a whole lot more than kind words and good intentions to heal the wound that the community will have to face for years to come, perhaps forever. Concerned about the incident and its impact on locals and rescuers alike, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner decided to step in and offer much-needed financial support.

Local NBC affiliate WTVJ reported that the couple donated funds to pay for a full week of food for first responders and other people who showed up to help sift through the wreckage where the incident took place. The condo building is a little more than a stone’s throw from the couple’s Miami residence.

If you would like to join Ivanka and Jared in helping, you can go to for more information. You can also click here for a list of other groups taking monetary donations to support rescue and relief efforts.

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