TV Host Slams CNN Over Town Hall

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

( – On May 8, MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized the CNN network for holding a town hall with former President Donald Trump, who is currently running for the GOP presidential nomination. David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Brothers, had previously defended the decision, saying that the town hall would be an opportunity for both sides to be heard leading up to the primaries.

According to Fox News, Zaslav said while speaking to CNBC that both Republicans and Democrats get airtime on CNN.

This was the comment that Reid proceeded to mock, stating that “Republicans, Democrats, insurrectionists, everybody’s on the air.” She added that in her eyes, this was an “open attempt” by CNN to move to the right so they an attract conservatives to the network.

Fox News reported that Charlie Sykes, a journalist for The Bulwark, who was a guest on Reid’s show, stated that CNN’s choice to have Trump on their platform was “horrifically bad judgment,” adding that this was an entertainment and not a journalistic choice. He added that a key difference in journalism is that it was possible for misinformation to be filtered through the questions being asked. However, because in this case the town hall would be aired live, there was no space to filter what Trump said. Sykes further argued that real journalists would press Trump for answers on the allegations about assaulting women that have come out.

CNN has faced continued backlash in recent days due to the town hall, with anchor Anderson Cooper even stepping in to defend the decision on May 12.

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