TV Hosts Predict Chaos for Democrats in 2024

TV Hosts Predict Chaos for Democrats in 2024

( – While there always seem to be rumors about who will run for president in the next election cycle, the talk around the 2024 presidential ticket has heated up rather early. Between high disapproval ratings for both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and the VP’s staff seeming to jump ship, some Fox News hosts predict 2024 will be a “bloodbath” for the Left.

On Thursday, December 2, hosts on Fox News’ “The Five” discussed the recent “exodus” from Harris’ staff. Both Symone Sanders, a senior advisor to Harris, and Ashley Etienne, the VP’s Communication’s Director, plan to depart by the end of the month. While Harris has praised these women amidst their resignations, “The Five” hosts believe the departures are a sign “Harris’s presidential ambitions are sinking.”

Fox News shared host Jesse Watters’ comments on the developments:

With questions about whether President Biden will run again and Harris’ approval ratings too low to consider for the top of the ticket, the hosts highlighted current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as a likely potential candidate the Left will push. However, amongst this fight for the Democrats’ nomination, the hosts said it will likely be “the most delicious, divisive drama you could ever imagine.” Over the coming months, it will be thrilling to watch just how the Democrats’ race for the presidency plays out.

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