Twitter Targets Accounts That Post Trump Content

Twitter Targets Accounts That Post Trump Content

( – Donald Trump may not have been the first president to use social media. However, he perfected the art. In the case of Twitter, he had a massive following there long before he announced his decision to run for the White House.

Despite the tens of millions of followers Trump had on the platform, Twitter decided to permanently suspend his account in the wake of the riot at the nation’s capital on January 6. The move shouldn’t have surprised anyone who has been paying attention to the efforts of Big Tech to censor conservative voices over the last number of years.

Twitter continues doing its best to silence Trump on its platform, despite having de-platformed him there over three months ago.

Trump Fights Back, and Twitter Responds

On Tuesday, May 4, Donald Trump launched his very own communications platform. You can find it at It features a newsfeed similar to the ones found on Twitter and Facebook, but without all the clutter around the posts.

His posts include official statements, text messages, images, and videos. Users of the platform can like his posts. They can also repost his messages to Facebook and Twitter. And that’s where Twitter steps back into the scene.

On May 6, Fox News reported that Twitter was taking action against accounts set up for the sole purpose of reposting content from Trump’s new site. A Twitter spokesperson told Fox News that the site would take the appropriate “enforcement action” against any users whose “apparent intent” is to repost content from a person with a suspended account.

Twitter cites a portion of its “ban evasion policy” to justify that decision. It prohibits any effort to “circumvent prior enforcement efforts” against an account, including the creation of new ones.

On the bright side, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) recently predicted that Trump’s social media platform would become “a major threat [to] Facebook and Twitter.”

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