Two Accusers Take Legal Action Against George Foreman

Two Accusers Take Legal Action Against George Foreman

George Foreman Faces STARTLING Allegations – Lawsuits Filed!

( – George Foreman is best known for boxing and indoor grills, but he is now facing a blow to his reputation after two women filed lawsuits in Los Angeles County Superior Court on August 24. The plaintiffs allege he sexually assaulted them when they were minors in the 1970s. The women didn’t use their real names or specifically identify the boxer, but they did describe him, including saying he was the heavyweight champion in 1973.

The women, now in their 60s, used the pseudonyms of Denise F and Gwen H. Denise F met the fighter when she was 8 years old through her father, who was also a boxer. She alleges he groomed her from age 13 until he assaulted her when she was 15. The woman claims the abuse continued until she was 16.

Gwen H said her father was a boxing manager, and she met Foreman at age 9. The woman claims the boxer assaulted her between ages 15 and 16 and also alleged he threatened her father would lose his job if he tried to do anything about the abuse.

The lawsuits against Foreman have seemingly been in the works for a while. A New York Post report from July said that two women were preparing to take legal actions against him. At the time, he provided a statement saying that the women were trying to extort money from him by making false claims. He denied all allegations and said his legal team would expose the truth. The boxer also stated he remains strong in his faith in God and will not let the plaintiffs intimidate him or try to ruin his reputation.

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