UK Government Releases New Intel Update on Russia

UK Government Releases New Intel Update on Russia

New INTEL On Russia – Latest Death Report Released!

( – News from Britain brings an interesting assessment of the toll the conflict with Ukraine is taking on Russia. British officials claim there’s been a high number of Russian casualties, despite Kremlin authorities reporting otherwise. The latest news out of the UK shows the effects of a robust and successful Ukrainian defense.

British Reports

A report from British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on April 25 showed the conflict’s impact on Russia after only 61 days. Wallace told the House of Commons assessments reported Russia had lost about 15,000 troops. They also allegedly lost more than 2,000 pieces of heavy equipment, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and aircraft, to damage or destruction.

Wallace claimed Russia devoted about 65% of all available military resources at the beginning of the conflict. By his late April report, he assessed Russia’s losses at about 25% of their original investment of troops and materials.

A new intelligence report from May 23 claimed Russia had lost about as many troops in three months fighting Ukraine as the Soviets did during nine years of combat with Afghanistan from December 1979 to February 1989. About 14,500 Russian soldiers died in that conflict.

Russian Numbers Report

Newsweek reported Russia’s official claim that it’s suffered only 1,500 casualties from the conflict, far lower than any other assessment. The publication contacted the Kremlin for updated numbers or comments on why their official reports are so low, but it has not received a response.

Where Russia Went Wrong

British intelligence said back in March that Russian leaders misjudged what would happen when they crossed into Ukraine. Due to the strong response of the Ukrainian military, what Russia reportedly assumed would be a quick takeover has stretched to almost 13 weeks. It is taking a significant toll on the Russian army.

The Kremlin made various mistakes, according to new report from May, including not providing proper air support and refusing to be flexible in its approach despite numerous setbacks.

The Ukrainian Numbers and Russian Public

The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner reported the death toll for civilians in Ukraine was about 2,665, and injury numbers were around 3,053 as of April 25. The latest British intelligence indicates Russians may stand up against their leaders if the casualty numbers continue rising because the Russian people haven’t been in favor of people dying and suffering in “wars of choice” in the past. Officials noted the public might grow upset and be more likely to speak out if the situation continues on this path.

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