Ukraine Rejects Claims It Was Involved in Death of Putin Ally’s Daughter

Ukraine Rejects Claims It Was Involved in Death of Putin Ally's Daughter

ASSASSINATION Claims – Russia ROCKED By Shocking Death

( – Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been very high since President Vladimir Putin invaded the neighboring country in February. Yet, after a weekend car bombing killed the daughter of a prominent Russian political theorist, commonly referred to as “Putin’s brain,” the situation could escalate even further. While Russia was quick to put the blame on Ukraine for the deadly attack, the smaller nation refuses to accept responsibility.

On Sunday, August 21, Kremlin officials announced a car bomb stuck to the bottom of an SUV exploded, killing Daria Dugina, 29. While she was the chief editor of the Russian propaganda site United World International, it’s her father, Alexander Dugin, who is believed (although not confirmed) to have been the actual target. He’s a leading nationalist and a close Putin ally, known for advising him about how to further the country’s influence worldwide. According to reports, the pair had attended a festival together before Dugina took her father’s car in a last-minute schedule change.

Russia’s security service, the FSB, blamed its neighbor for the assassination, saying a Ukrainian woman who traveled to the nation with her daughter carried out the bombing and then fled to Estonia. Ukraine denied these accusations, emphasizing it had no hand in the killing.

It’s unclear what impacts the bombing could have going forward. However, Russian State TV was quick to hop on the issue this week, according to a August 23 report from Newsweek. One commentator referred to the killing of Dugina as a “joint military operation” carried out by Ukraine, Great Britain, and Estonia. Another guest even went so far as to predict a war with NATO, Newsweek reported.

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