UN Releases New Report on Civilian Deaths in Ukraine

UN Releases Update on Civilian Casualties in Ukraine

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Russian war in Ukraine will soon enter its 11th month, and it has proven devastating for both countries. Listing precise numbers of civilian deaths from the chaotic conflict is difficult, but the United Nations released an estimate on December 26, saying it recorded 6,884 civilian deaths in the hostilities.

On May 26, the UN reported the total civilian death count was 4,031. The increase of over 2,000 in the last six months was primarily due to the use of explosive missiles.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, which published the figures, admits the actual number of deaths is probably much higher than the reports claim. Obtaining accurate data on the loss of life is challenging in any conflict. Typically, those gathering data suffer delays in obtaining the information or complete failures in reporting.

Additionally, some parties would prefer to keep the real numbers from becoming public. International laws, such as the Geneva convention, set expectations that any country engaged in war will take all steps necessary to avoid or limit civilian casualties. Russia is believed to have a history of failing to properly report the number of innocent people killed in armed conflicts.

The UN continues to release its best estimates to keep people informed about the atrocities occurring during this conflict. But will the world ever know the true number of civilian casualties?

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