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Monica Lewinsky Says Cancel Culture Is Out of Control

Monica Lewinsky Says Cancel Culture Is Out of Control

(UnitedVoice.com) – Former White House intern and center of presidential controversy, Monica Lewinsky, has joined the mounting movement criticizing cancel culture with a hard-hitting documentary about the weaponization of shame.

Lewinsky, who shot to fame in 1998 as the 24-year-old White House staffer President Clinton ‘did not have sex with,’ is now an anti-bullying activist – and she believes cancel culture is bullying. Appearing on The Daily Show on October 7, she discussed her new documentary, 15 Minutes of Shame, which covers the use of public shaming as a social tool. The documentary covers several cases of people who have been canceled or shamed – a process Lewinsky says “is very much about power.”

The fallout from her affair with Clinton seriously impacted Lewinsky’s life, forcing her to keep a low profile for several years and making it difficult to find a job. She says she and other women seduced by Clinton “were all reduced in different ways to serve purposes for other people.” And that’s what cancel culture is all about. The ugly reality of 21st-Century public shaming is that it’s not about punishing wrongdoing; it’s about terrorizing people who disagree with the woke Left into staying quiet for fear of the consequences. Lewinsky says the internet played a big role in what happened to her because it allowed information to spread quickly. Now, ironically, it’s become a tool for censorship.

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