University of Southern California Sued for Allegedly Falsifying Info

University of Southern California Sued for Falsifying Info

( – Colleges and universities can advertise various things to try and entice prospective students to attend their schools. From incredible football teams and top-notch academics to quaint New England towns or a spot by the beach, there’s plenty to attract high school seniors to college. However, three students at the University of Southern California (USC) are suing their school after it allegedly doctored its ranking with the US News and World Report to bring in more students and money.

The National Student Legal Defense Network filed the lawsuit against USC and its management company 2U. Tycko & Zavareei LLP represent the three USC students. The dean of USC’s Rossier School of Education admitted earlier this year it withheld information from the US News & World Report to boost its rankings.

The plaintiffs accused USC and 2U of using the school’s US News and World Report in-person ranking when advertising for its online programs, which has only ever ranked on the popular report in 2013 when it came in 44th among online graduate programs.

The lawsuit emphasized that the management company, whose job was to recruit students, made a hefty profit off of the additional tuition the school brought in after it falsified the data for the US News and World Report results.

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