US and Mexico Agree to Resume Trump-Era Policy

US and Mexico Agree to Resume Trump-Era Policy

( – During his first week in office, President Joe Biden touted all the policies he was ending — former President Donald Trump initiated many of them. However, after nearly a year of illegal immigrants flooding the US-Mexico border, the Biden administration finally moved to reinstate Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Mexico and the US Restart MPP

On Friday, August 13, a federal judge ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policies after it failed to show a “reasoned decision” to end the policies when it did. Therefore, President Biden had to reinstate the policies. Since the end of summer, though, the current administration has been dragging its feet as it works out the details of restarting MPP with the Mexican government. Finally, on Thursday, December 2, the US and Mexico announced they had come to an agreement on how to roll out the program once again.

Unpacking the Minor Changes Made to the ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy

Both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Mexico had different hopes when renegotiating this policy. In the final agreement, DHS agreed to ensure migrants’ court proceedings will be no later than six months after their return to Mexico. In addition, if DHS allows the migrants to enter the US after their court date, DHS will offer them a COVID-19 vaccination.

Similarly, Mexico fought for its migrants and secured communications with legal counsel for them both before and during the court proceedings that will take place along the border. The revised version of the MPP program will officially start “on or around” Monday, December 6, according to the DHS.

Slowing Immigration in the Coming Months

After struggling to handle the immigration surge for 11 months, President Biden finally decided to make a move to curb the flow, even if it was solely due to a court order. During President Trump’s term, the MPP program reportedly kept over 60,000 asylum seekers in Mexico while awaiting their court dates. While Americans won’t see the numbers change for this policy under the Biden administration for a few months, many are hopeful it will slow the spread of illegal immigrants, narcotics, and coronavirus continuing to plague the United States.

By forcing migrants to wait in Mexico until their court dates, the hopeful residents have no choice now but to appear in court if they want to enter the United States freely. This policy will allow the US government to keep better tabs on them, thoroughly process their applications and execute background checks before allowing them into the United States.

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