US Citizen DEAD Overseas – Here’s What We Know!

US Citizen Reportedly Shot Dead in Iraq

US Citizen Reportedly Dies After Getting Shot in Iraq

( – There are plenty of ways to serve the world, whether in a person’s own community or halfway around the world. One US citizen used his talents in Baghdad, Iraq while working for a Houston, Texas-based charity, teaching English to young students there. Unfortunately, he won’t be coming home.

On Monday, November 7, a group of attackers reportedly stopped Stephen Edward Troell’s car while it was turning onto the street he lived on with his family in central Baghdad. Then, an assailant shot the man, leaving his wife and child to watch him die. The gun had a suppressor on it. Emergency responders brought him to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Troell worked for Millennium Relief and Development Services, which operates in over 40 countries providing aid and assistance to the impoverished.

It’s still unknown who is responsible for the murder, but Iraqi officials are investigating the situation. News outlets such as The New York Post report that killings like this have been uncommon in the past five years since the defeat of the Islamic State.

The school that Troell worked at will close for two weeks, and many students expressed their condolences for their teacher’s death. Troell’s wife also works at the school.

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